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  • Do I have to register for the entire summer? When does the registration period for camp end?
    No you do not! Our camp is flexible in that you are able to register your child on a week to week basis. The registration for any week of camp must be completed by the Friday before the camp week begins. For example: The registration period for Week 4 ends on the Friday of Week 3.
  • Do you offer half day options?
    We do not offer half day options.
  • Are before and after care offered?
    Yes, before and after care are offered to customers who register for a camp week at no additional cost. Before Care: 8:00-9:00AM After Care: 3:00-4:00PM
  • How do I register for before and/or after care?
    There is no additional registration required for before/after care. When you drop off your child in the morning, please make sure to notify us that you will be using after care that day and a rough time that you will be picking up your child. We will make a note next to your child's name that they will be in aftercare that day. If you know that you will be using before/after care throughout the entire week, you can notify us of that on Monday morning at drop off.
  • What does a camp day look like?
    The camp day breaks down into two main parts. The morning is dedicated to technical training based on the daily core topic. The afternoon will consists of small sided games, scrimmages and other fun activities. To view an example of a typical camp day schedule, click here.
  • Does my child need snacks?
    Yes we do provide a snack break during the day. Campers should bring snacks and drinks from home or bring money with them to purchase items from our snack bar.
  • Does my child need lunch?
    Yes we do have a lunch period! Campers have the option to bring lunch from home or purchase lunch through us. We have partnered with local restaurants to provide daily lunch options for purchase. More information on the menu and how to purchase lunch will be provided at a later date.
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