Remote Learning Protocols

Prior To Start 

All staff will be trained for up-to-date information in regard to COVID-19 and regulations set place. This includes but not limited to the basic principles of emergency first aid, blood borne pathogens, infection control, hand washing practices, personal protective equipment (PPE) and COVID-19 signs and symptoms.


Each family will receive a packet that is to be completed and emailed back prior to start of camp. This includes protocols, waivers, health records, emergency contacts and more.

Daily Check In

Each day, parents will drive up to the front of the building where you will be greeted by a staff member. We will take care of the check-in process right from the convenience of your car. This will help eliminate the number of people entering the facility.


Your child will have their temperature checked and we will ask you a few simple health questions. As long as your child does not have a temperate of 100.4+ or shows signs of or been around anyone with that has had COVID-19 in the last 14 days, your child will be able to enter the facility. You must also attest that no one in your family has traveled to any quarantined States in the last 14 days.

Each staff member will also have their temperature taken and fill out health screening. Any staff member with 100.4 or higher temperature will also not be allowed to attend.

As soon as your child enters the building, they will be required to sanitize their hands and head straight to their group's designated area. Waiting in their designated area will be a table with their name on it. This will be their workspace where they can set up for the day. Please make sure your child’s belongings have their name on it. 



Children will be broken up into groups of about10 children per group. Each group will be assigned one educational professional. We will look to keep the groups as consistent as possible. Children will not commingle with other groups. Children will stay at their table for snack and lunch.


Pick up

Parents will drive up to the front of the facility. Staff out front will use walkie talkies to let staff inside know which children are ready to be picked up. Children will be signed out by parent/guardian.


Health & Safety

COVID-19 safety measures will be addressed with parents prior to start of camp. We will go over this with the children at the start of each day as well. COVID safety measure include: Staying home when ill, proper hand hygiene and respiratory etiquette, avoiding touching your face as much as possible and reporting illnesses and symptoms.


Facility will be cleaned under the guidance of CDC.

All high traffic/highly touched areas will be cleaned continually throughout the day.   

Bathrooms will look to be cleaned after every use or after use between groups.

Equipment used during activities will be cleaned after every use.  

Children and staff will be required to wear a mask. Children will not be required to wear a mask while eating lunch and during physical activities.

Children and Staff will wash hands and use hand sanitizer as often as needed.

Any visitors or vendors that need to enter the building will be required to wear a mask. They will not be allowed past the lobby unless deemed necessary.

If we become aware of an individual testing positive for COVID-19, we will immediately notify the Department of Health, local health officials, staff and families of a confirmed case while maintaining confidentiality.

We have an isolated space designated for anyone that we find out has tested positive or shows symptoms and we have PPE and sanitizing products readily available.

We will have readily available our attendance sheets which includes our groups and staff. We will also help to answer any questions the local departments have, which could include: last date the person was in the facility, the date symptoms were notices, others that the person was in contact with, along with all other pertinent information for effective contact tracing.

If a child or staff members start showing symptoms during program, they will be isolated until they can be picked up by a parent or guardian. We will use the chart provided in the Standard Guide to determine when and if the individual may return. (

Protocols and Building Management

Proper ventilation and a/c is in our facility.

Facility will remain in stock with PPE, hand sanitizer and proper cleaning supplies following CDC guidelines. Building will be professionally cleaned three times a week, our staff will conduct proper cleaning throughout the day and at opening/closing of the building.

Signage in regard to COVID-19, social distancing, hand washing, etc, will be placed in the appropriate spots in the facility.






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