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Remote Learning FAQs

What time and how will I drop off / pick up my child?


The following protocol has been put in place to eliminate the gathering of everyone at the same time. Please come as close to your scheduled time as possible, however, if there is a need to come outside of your window, that is ok. If you have more than one child and in different grades, you can come during either time frame.

What time and how will I drop off/pickup my child?
Drop Off Times
Kindergarten - 2nd
7:45 - 8:00 AM
3rd - 5th Grade
7:30 - 7:45 AM
6th - 8th Grade
7:15 - 7:30 AM

When you are pulling up to the facility, please use the entry way on the left side of the building. Pull up to the front entrance and roll down your windows. You do not need to get out of your vehicle. We will do a temperature check while your child is still in the car and then ask you a few health screening questions. Please note that anyone with a 100.4+ fever, has symptoms of COVID, has been around anyone that has tested positive for COVID in the last 14 days or has traveled to any states deemed for self quarantine, will not be allowed to attend camp. 


Once a temp check and health screening is completed, your child will be required to wear a mask and enter the facility to start their day. Upon entering the facility, there will be hand sanitizer for the children to use before heading to their assigned group where they will find a table to set up for the day. 

On the first day, we will collect health records if they were not already sent in and an updated copy of your child's schedule. 

For pick up, you will pull up to the front of the building like drop off and we will bring your child right to your vehicle.

We will move to the use of an app called Procare Connect for drop off and pick up on September 21st

Are masks required?


Yes, children will be required to wear a mask. They will have mask breaks throughout the day and they will not have to wear a mask while eating lunch. They will also be allowed to remove their mask during certain on field activities. All of our staff will be required to wear a mask as well. 


What if I do not want my child to do activities that require a mask to be removed?

That is ok. You can let us know and will have them participate in other activities. 


What does my child need to bring with them?


Things to bring:

  • On the first day, bring the most updated daily school schedule. This will allow our staff to make sure each child is following their schedule

  • Bring a backpack with any supplies your child needs to complete their work:​

    • Computer/laptop

    • Charger

    • headphones

    • worksheets

    • pencils and crayons

  • Pack a lunch, snacks and drinks. We do have a snack bar with snacks and drinks for purchase.

  • Please pack an extra mask

*Please make sure to send your child with a fully charged device and the charger. *


How will the educational professional help my child?


Staff will be walking around to make sure each child is on task and working on teacher provided assignments. They will be recording daily progress for parents to see in a shared google doc between student, parent, and instructor. The staff will also provide some predetermined activities for when students have completed all school work. We also understand that the younger grades are newer to using a device and may need some additional help navigation through the apps and websites they need to use. 

How do groups/cohorts work? 


Groups will be created based on registration. We will break the groups up by grade and/or school district. Each group will have two staff members they will work with. One to assist in all of their school instruction and one that will assist in breaks, lunch, stretch breaks, and activities. If there is anything you would like your child to be with, please let us know. 

Is staff with the kids all day? When do they start activities?

Varsity Learning Academy’s education staff will be in until 3pm every day to help the children throughout their entire school day. Once children have completed their scheduled school day and any additional help the child requests from our staff, the children will then be able to start our fun activities planned for the day. These activities will take place until 4pm, unless you are staying for after care. 

Are masks required?
What does my child need to bring with them?
How will the educational professional help my child?
How do groups/cohorts work?
Is staff with the children all day? When do activities start?
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