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The Fields Sports Complex is proud to announce that Varsity Learning Academy (VLA) will officially have a permanent year-round presence at the facility. Varsity Learning Academy was first introduced as Varsity Summer Academy back in 2015 where they provided STEM programming to only 13 kids. Since then VLA have seen tremendous growth in their summer program starting with only 13 kids to now over 150 throughout the summer. With children and parents wanting more of what we offer during the summer, we wanted to fully meet the needs of the community and offer some programs during the school year.


Various enrichment activities will be rolled out in phases over the next 2 years as we build valuable programs that take into account the many interests and passions of children 0-18 years old. Keep an eye out for the following programs over the next few years:

  • Coding Courses using Python and Javascript

  • Personalized Math Programs

  • eSports - lounge, leagues, and birthday parties

  • STEM clubs

  • Makerspace

  • Lego clubs and birthday parties

  • Pokemon, Roblox, and Minecraft

  • Animation

  • Entrepreneurship Club

  • Financial Literacy for Kids

  • Investing Club

  • Mommy and Me Classes

  • Digital music development

  • Tutoring

  • Friday Night Drop Off Programs - STEM, sports, art, and more!

With programs designed by certified teachers, we aim to build quality activities that will develop childrens’ passions that can not be given the full attention in a classroom setting. If your children have an interest not listed above, we will try to find the right instructors to run a program of their desire!


Let us know what you want to see by reaching out to

See all the current programs and join our mailing list at

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